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Help regarding Image Segmentation of B/W Image!!

Asked by Samkit Mutta on 14 Mar 2015
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on 14 Jul 2018
Hello! I am working on a project titled 'Yarn Hairiness determination using Image Processing'. The steps involved are- Image processing and Image analysis. In the processing, I converted the image to B/W. After that I am suppose to segment the core yarn from the its protruding fibres. I am stuck here. I have attached the the picture below. It would be a big help!


The above posted are two different images. Please do take a look and reply ASAP!
Yes, they do look different: different color, different fiber composition, different amounts of fray, different thread diameter, etc. Exactly what do you want to characterize in the two images?
Herein, I need to find out- 1. the diameter of the core of the yarn. 2. the length of the protruding fibres(if not possible then number of protruding fibres in the visible segment of the yarn.

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Answer by Image Analyst
on 27 Mar 2015
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Alright, I did a full blown demo for you. It sues activecontour() to smooth the main thread bulk. See attached m-file below the images.
Be sure to change the folder name and file names in the script.


Hey this is one of the team mate of samkit mutta. We would like you to help us by sending the complete code for our topic assap. One more thing to ask, the code that u provided for the diameter, when i had merged it with the code that you had provided earlier, there were lots of error popping. And i was not able to distinguish which line to work on to clear the errors. So i would like you to please see to this also.
Go ahead and post your merged code, along with the specific image that it's failing on. Chances are that you are not using the correct variable names.
Hahaha! I get your sarcasm. Even I know that it's a single line of code. What I meant to say was that I'll have to present that in the program as well as my submission material because till now we were under the impression that we can be able to find the hair length. And now thats not possible! However we'll get back to you today with if any difficulties.

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Answer by Meghana Dinesh on 20 Mar 2015

Try using the Morphological operators dilation and erosion.


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Maybe you can use spur and then subtract the Images (before and after spur) and improve on this to get your second requirement.
I'll try that once and revert. Thank you!
I tried the functions you mentioned before and now again, and it does not work. I guess the problem is because it can distinguish between the fibres and the core.

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Answer by Image Analyst
on 23 Mar 2015

Simply try thresholding. See my Image Segmentation Tutorial: You might also like my demo for how to extract the largest blob, attached.


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Answer by Samkit Mutta on 19 Apr 2015

@Image Analyst- Whenever I run the "test.m" file, the workspace stays empty. It never used to happen before. I get workspaces for all the scripts but i do not get it any functions file. Please help!


sir is this possible for a moving yarn ??
sir please provide an idea related to yarn hairiness measurement

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