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Reverse order in column;flipud ain't giving me that.

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I'm trying to write a code that put some random input integers on two columns,one in order and the other in reverse order.Here's what I did: n = input('Enter the number of integers: ');
for index = 1:n
A = input('\n Enter your integer: ');
I(index) = A;
K(index) = flipud(A);
fprintf('\t index \t F \t R \n');
fprintf('\t ------\t-----\t----\n');
for i = 1:n;
fprintf('\t %i \t %i \t %i \n',i, I(i),K(i));
but I'm not getting the reverse order.For 2 random inputs 5 and 6,here's what I'm getting:
index F R
------ ----- ----
1 5 5
2 6 6
I wanna get 6,5 respectively on the R column.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 Mar 2015
Just because you're printing them on different lines does not turn a row vector, which is really what you have, into a column vector. It's still a row vector and therefore you should use fliplr() instead of flipud().


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