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how to compress any video by using H.264 compression standard ....

Asked by venkateshwarlu on 23 Feb 2011
Latest activity Edited by YT
on 5 Feb 2019
can any one suggest me that how to compress a video by using h.264 compression standard in matlab.... thank u in advance


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1 Answer

Answer by YT
on 5 Feb 2019
Edited by YT
on 5 Feb 2019

You can use VideoWriter with MPEG-4 profile for this
v = VideoWriter('my-video.mp4','MPEG-4'); %uses h264 encoding
v.Quality = 80; %video quality


Stricly speaking MPEG-4 can use other codecs than H.264. However, the documentation for VIdeoWriter does state that matlab uses H.264 for MPEG-4.
True, but we're still talking Matlab here, so indeed there's no other codec to choose from (I don't know why can't choose the codec though, maybe because h264 is supported by most devices/players).

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