How do i find if variable k is element of an array?

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ME on 17 Mar 2015
Answered: akshatha nayak on 24 Mar 2019
I have an array of 90x2 and may variable is 1x2. i want to set an if statment which checks if k == array or k is an element of array. I am aware there is ismember function but I cant seem to make that work for me
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David Young
David Young on 17 Mar 2015
It doesn't make sense to check if k == array, because they are different sizes.
k can't be an element of the array, because each element of the array is a scalar, but k is 1x2. Do you want to check whether k is a row of the array?
What actually goes wrong when you use ismember? Have you tried the 'rows' option?

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Answers (2)

Stephen on 17 Mar 2015
Edited: Stephen on 17 Mar 2015
The description is ambiguous as to what "is an element of array" means for a two element vector, but I assumed that the desired end result is to check if any matrix row matches the variable.
You can use ismember to solve this, reading the documentation to get the right argument order:
>> A = [0,1;2,3;4,5;6,7;8,9];
>> ismember([4,5],A,'rows')
ans =
>> ismember([99,100],A,'rows')
ans =

akshatha nayak
akshatha nayak on 24 Mar 2019
I want to check whether the data that is present in sheet 1 of excel is same as sheet 2 of excel of same file name tht is testdata1.xls can any 1 help me to solve this problem


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