Using vehicle network toolbox blocks with Simulink Real-Time

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I have a PCAN-miniPCIe card on a target computer(not Speedgoat) that runs my real-time Simulink model. Obviously PEAK cards are not supported by Simulink Real-Time (xPC target) but they are supported by vehicle network toolbox on the host (Development) computer. Is there any possibility to use vehicle network toolbox blocks in models that are going to be used with Simulink Real-Time? so I wouldn't need to go through the pain of writing my own custom driver?

Answers (1)

Suneesh on 20 Mar 2015
Edited: Suneesh on 20 Mar 2015
Vehicle Network Toolbox blocks usually work by using the Windows drivers for the cards. These drivers are not present on the SLRT real-time target which is why they need to have their own drivers coded up. So, unfortunately, no.

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