Thingspeak widget customization when posting the widget onto an external website using iframe

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I am trying to use the iframe of the thingspeak widget to show the widget on an external website. I am using the gauge widget and when I add the widget to the website using iframe the background is a lot wider than the gauge. I only want the widget to be displayed as being as wide as the acutal information part, i.e., the gauge and the current temperature reading with its units. I do not want the extra background sections to be displayed. I have tried changing the iframe code to create a transparent background, as well as cropping the background within the iframe code using div container but any changes I make to the code do not reflect on the actual apperance of the widget at all on the website. I have tried just resizing the widget using on the website (I am using wix for the website if that helps) but instead of cropping the widget to fit properly within the box, it resizes it and allows the users of the website to scroll the widget around to get it aligned properly. I do not want my users to have to scroll to get the gauge to appear in the middle so if there is a way to crop the background of the widget or to make the background transparent that would be greatly appreciated. I have tried every option so far that I can find when searching for this problem.

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 4 Nov 2022
You cannot use the ThingSpeak gauge without the iframe. You may be able to embed a google gauge on your website direcly, and read the data from ThingSpeak using the API. You could use a custom MATLAB visualization to create a gauge that doesnt shrink or demand scrolling, but it will still have an iframe.


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