How to create meshgrid for unequal metrix.

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I am trying to plot pressure contour for roof (40'X125') where 8 main tap lines are given and another 7 sub tap lines starts after 99'; hence, tributary dimensions in 1 direction is reduced after 99'. Therefore, how to create meshgrid in this case. Image is given here for the reference.

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William Rose
William Rose on 3 Nov 2022
The answer below shows how to create a grid that is non-uniform. The figures in the answer show how it worked.
However, the answer above does not reproduce a pattern like the one in your figure. meshgrid() cannot make a mesh like the one in your figure, because your figure has different numbers of rows for different columns.
I do not understand exactly what you are trying to do with the diagram shown. Do you have measurements at the dots shown on the diagram, and you want to make a contour plot using the measured values?
William Rose
William Rose on 3 Nov 2022
@Jigar, you're welcome. Good luck with your work.

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