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Raspberry 4B Code replacement library Arm Cortex-A ne10 error!

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The following error occurs when the code optimization library ARM Cortex-A is checked with Raspberry PI 4b to generate Ne10 optimization code!
ERROR Message:
STDERR: et/Ne10-1.1.2/modules/dsp/NE10_fir.neon.s:1540: Error: selected processor does not support `vmla gNext,Coeff,fCurr' in Thumb mode

Answers (1)

Yash on 15 Jan 2024
The error message indicates that the current compilation process is utilizing the Thumb instruction set, which is a condensed version of ARM's instruction set designed for improved code density. However, this mode may not be compatible with the NEON instructions that are being attempted. NEON is a set of SIMD instructions for efficient handling of multimedia tasks, which requires explicit support from the processor and compiler. To resolve this, it may be necessary to switch the compiler to ARM mode, which can fully support NEON instructions, if the processor and compiler version in use do not support NEON in Thumb mode.
If the Ne10 library, which is a library optimized for ARM NEON, or any related dependencies are not up-to-date, updating to the latest versions can provide improved compatibility and performance, along with potential bug fixes that might address the current issue.
Hope this helps.

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