How to write to thingspeak channel from thinghttp?

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Hi everybody, I have successfully created a thinghttp that returns a number. It's running with time control. How can I write the number to a thingspeak channel?

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 10 Nov 2022
If your ThingHTTP is interacting with an external website, you can rewrite it in MATLAB analysis using webread or webwrite. Then you can add thingSpeakWrite commands in the script to write it to your channel. You can trigger MATLAB analysis with TimeControl.
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Tobias Wagner
Tobias Wagner on 10 Nov 2022
Works great
doc = parseString(Parser,data);
xpExpr = "//device[@id='AI03IV']/v1";
res = evaluate(Evaluator,xpExpr,doc);
b0 = res.getTextContent()
xpExpr = "//device[@id='AI05IV']/v1";
res = evaluate(Evaluator,xpExpr,doc)
lake = res.getTextContent()
xpExpr = "//device[@id='AI04IV']/v1";
res = evaluate(Evaluator,xpExpr,doc)
filtr = res.getTextContent()
data = [str2num(b0),str2num(lake),str2num(filtr)]
response = thingSpeakWrite(xxx,data,'WriteKey','xxx')

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