How to add multiple legends in a loop for mulitple plots?

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Hi there,
I have, say, 3 plots generated in a loop like the following:
for r=1:3
px= vardata(:,250, r);
plot(px,'-', 'color',rand(1,3));
Now, I need to add legends to each plot as pixel 1, pixel 2, pixel 3 etc automaticlally.
I am used to add legends manually and have not worked on adding legends in a loop before.
Many Thanks

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Nov 2022
for r=1:3
px= vardata(:,250, r);
plot(px,'-', 'color',rand(1,3), 'DisplayName', "pixel " + r);
legend show
However since you are only displaying one line per figure window, normally you would use a title() instead of legend()
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Naif Alsalem
Naif Alsalem on 13 Nov 2022
Many thanks @Walter Roberson, for the answer and suggestion. Yes title for one-line plot is really helpful.
Thanks again.

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