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I'm planning to purchase one unit. I have 24 esp32 MCUs each one with a SCD30 sensor. I'm planning to send readings of my sensors, each sensor to a different channel. Every minute. I see that I'm allowed to upload a message once every second. If I have 24 messages every minute. Will it work? What happens if all of the 24 messages will be uploaded at the same exact second? Is that problematic?
Thanks, Yedidya

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 14 Nov 2022
If each device has its own channel, you can upload all messages in the same second. If you have a home or student unit, you are limited to 10 channels per unit. You might need three units of these license types for 24 devices. The standard and academic units allow up to 250 channels.
If you put multiple devices on a single channel, they can have collisions that will result in a loss of data if two devices publish to the same channel in a single second.
Also, each licese includes 33 M messages per year. Publishing 24 messages per minute is less than 33 M messages per year, so you will not approach the message limit.


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