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I have built a very complicated model in simbiology. >160 reactions, >300 rate constants etc...etc...
If I open the model in the simbiology GUI I see a circle of species that it's basically impossible to visualize well (everything is too little, cannot read names etc...)
Finding a species in the GUI is therefore impossible. Is there some search function?
Also, I'd like to help myself see what is influencing the amount of a specific species. Is there a way in the GUI to "click" on a species and have the system highlight the species it is linked to?

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Fulden Buyukozturk
Fulden Buyukozturk on 17 Nov 2022
In R2022b (I understand from the release info that this is the version you're running), you can search both the Diagram and the Browser table. Once you search via the Browser, you can then click filter to see only the search results.
To see model usages of any quantity, you can select the quantity in the browser, and then can look at the Property Editor > Model Usages. Please see the screenshots below.
Search and filter:
View Model Usages:
You can also search Diagram:


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