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Calling R from MATLAB on a Mac

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 20 Jan 2011
Is there a canonical method for calling R from MATLAB, on a Mac?
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Todd Flanagan
Todd Flanagan on 20 Jan 2011
Glad to see you here.

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Accepted Answer

Manu R
Manu R on 20 Jan 2011
I've used Rscript with the --vanilla flag successfully from the OS X command line in the past. To use in MATLAB, this is what I'd consider doing.
1. Prepend the following to the top of myscript.R, the program you want to run:
#! /usr/bin/Rscript
2. From the OS X shell, set the executable bit on your program if it hasn't been done:
$ chmod u+x myscript.R
3. Now, you're set up to use the system function in MATLAB:
>> system('~/path_to/myscript.R')
The usual caveats about paths apply.
the cyclist
the cyclist on 25 Jan 2011
Thanks. Worked great.

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Doug Hull
Doug Hull on 20 Jan 2011
The statistics language, R, is not supported in MATLAB; however, the following link contains MATLAB functions on MATLAB Central and File Exchange that may allow communication from MATLAB to R.
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the cyclist
the cyclist on 20 Jan 2011
Thanks for the reply, Doug, but that looks like a Windows-only solution.

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