Clearing channel data not working

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Ri on 27 Nov 2022
I am unable to clear data of my channel. I clicked the button in "channel settings" and used POSTMAN. I do get the resonse [], which means ok but the data is still in the channel.
I alraedy cleared channel data in the past (I exported the data, modified it, cleared the data and imported the modified data). It was working but now it doesnt. Is somebody else experiencing this issue?
UPDATE: It just cleared the data, there seems to be a long delay after sending the clearing command. What is the cause?

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 29 Nov 2022
The database schedules the delete job as a background task, occasionally you might get behind a flood of other requests. Still, if you start posting right away after clearing your channel, the data will be correctly recorded, even if the channel clear job does not seem to have finished yet.
Thanks for the update too!


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