How to parametrize a function ?

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So i have function like y^(0.5) = x this function created by syms command and id like to replace x with t and find y in terms of t. then r =[x,y] disp(r)

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 8 Dec 2022
syms x y
eq = sqrt(y) == x;
syms t real
ysol = solve(subs(eq,x,t),y,'returnconditions',true)
ysol = struct with fields:
y: t^2 parameters: [1×0 sym] conditions: 0 <= t
The constraint tells you that t must be positive. This is because the original equation was written as sqrt(y), which presumes the positive branch of the square root function.
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abdulsamed kaymakci
abdulsamed kaymakci on 9 Dec 2022
And sir its not leaving alone y when y has a power for example x^3 == y^2

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