Is it possible to display initial assignments and/or parameters in SimBiology diagram?

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Essentially, what the title says. I remember all assignments used to be displayed by default. Now, with R2022a only repeated assignments and rate rules are dispalyed but the initial assignments not so or at least I cannot find the way to do it.
Any help would be very appreciated.

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Fulden Buyukozturk
Fulden Buyukozturk on 13 Dec 2022
That's right, starting R2020b initial assignments are not displayed on the diagram and only parameters that are on the left hand side of a repeated assignment or a rate rule are displayed.
I will capture this as an enhancement request.
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emjey on 13 Dec 2022
'I will capture this as an enhancement request.' yes, please do that. It should be optional at least. If visible it helps to keep track of the model structure.

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