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Pass variables/structure to .mlapp (GUI/App designer)

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I want to run my matlab script (.m file) amd want to pass data to GUI/.mlapp from my .m file(matlab script) workspace. The data can be a variable/structure.
Also, I want GUI to also pass some data back to .m file.
Thanks !!!

Accepted Answer

Cameron on 8 Jan 2023
evalin and assignin are the functions that should help. For example, if you are running App Designer and you have a variable called MyVar you could use this to take the variable and send it to the workspace:
%assignin('base',Workspace variable name,The variable)
Ashishkumar Gupta
Ashishkumar Gupta on 8 Jan 2023
Edited: Ashishkumar Gupta on 8 Jan 2023
Unfortunately, it is not recommended by matlab to use evalin. Is there any alternative ways? @Cameron Thanks!!
Cameron on 9 Jan 2023
As @Image Analyst said below, you can use the save and load functions. Those are generally more accepted.

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More Answers (3)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 9 Jan 2023
If you have a script that creates some data, you can use save in your script to save the variables, and use load to read them in in your .mlapp code.
See the FAQ for other ways:

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Jan 2023
App designer creates code that defines an object class the derives from handle.
At least in theory, you could modify the constructor to accept additional parameters. Or probably better would be adding methods that accepted the handle object and the additional data, and performed an action and returned appropriate values.
Remember though that if you want to get out the results after user interaction then you will need to arrange for the code to wait for interactions to finish before you can return. See uiwait and waitfor

chrisw23 on 9 Feb 2023
Calling your mlapp application from your script returns the app handle with full access to all public objects
myAppHandle = myApp()
Observed properties are an option to establish an event structure for bidirectional communication.


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