Connecting to ChatGPT using API

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John Adams
John Adams on 15 Jan 2023
Commented: tony on 10 Sep 2023 at 13:59
I tried connecting to Chat GPT with the following web instructions and get the error as reflected ...
prompt = 'What is the capital of France?';
api_key = 'sk-4Y8TmelxvsdfghfghhdT3BlbkFJepdojXzket1MmQpA9cov';
url = '';
options = weboptions('KeyName','Authorization','KeyValue',['Bearer ' api_key],'MediaType','application/json');
data = webwrite(url,'prompt',prompt,'max_tokens',2048,'model','text-davinci-003','stop','',options);
Error using webwrite
Expected options.MediaType to be 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' for Name-Value pairs. Either set options.MediaType to 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' or create a single encoded string from
the Name-Value pairs.
answer = loadjson(data);
answer = answer.choices{1}.text;
Does anyone know how to connect MATLAB to Chat GPT to send prompts and retrieve back the responses. Also how to send data over to fine tune the model and then to further prompt that model?
It would be good for Mathworks to double quick release a toolbox on FileExchange for this as Python already has an OpenAI library. Seems like Mathworks is always one step behind Python these days.
Wii Che
Wii Che on 19 Feb 2023
% Extract the response text
response_text = response.Body.Data;
response_text = response_text.choices(1).text;
There is an error, is it a version problem

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Accepted Answer

Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 23 Jan 2023
I have been researching the davinci/completions space and have working MATLAB code using net http. Get your API Key at OpenAPI:
% Define the API endpoint Davinci
api_endpoint = "";
% Define the API key from
api_key = "XXXYYYZZZ";
% Define the parameters for the API request
prompt = "How many tablespoons are in 2 cups?"
parameters = struct('prompt',prompt, 'max_tokens',100);
% Define the headers for the API request
headers ='Content-Type', 'application/json');
headers(2) ='Authorization', ['Bearer ' + api_key]);
% Define the request message
request ='post',headers,parameters);
% Send the request and store the response
response = send(request, URI(api_endpoint));
% Extract the response text
response_text = response.Body.Data;
response_text = response_text.choices(1).text;
Georgi Nalbantov
Georgi Nalbantov on 18 Jun 2023
Sometimes one gets a "10 sec" timeout error and therefore no response. One fix for this is:
% Send the request and store the response.
opt = 2;
if opt == 1 % org
response = send(request, URI(api_endpoint));
options = HTTPOptions;
options.ConnectTimeout = 60;
response = send(request, URI(api_endpoint),options);
The original value is: options.ConnectTimeout = 10;

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Duncan Carlsmith
Duncan Carlsmith on 23 Feb 2023
See Generate MATLAB code using ChatGPT API at for a Live Script that implements the great answers here. Thank you all so much!
You get different code for the same prompt each time. For the prompt used, there is often a minor bug. Great for teaching debugging skills. ;) I'll let you find the bugs in the example I provided.
Duncan Carlsmith
Duncan Carlsmith on 24 Feb 2023
Thanks for checking it out!

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thijs buuron
thijs buuron on 20 Jan 2023
If you have the curl command (get it from the network part of the console of you webbrowser). You could use: wich converts it to matlab code for you.
tony on 10 Sep 2023 at 13:59
thank you
not working for a longer quesion

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henok on 1 Jun 2023
write a matlab code EE vs no of users on EE analysis of 5g udn based massive MIMO using ZF




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