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Diego on 23 Jan 2023
Commented: Diego on 24 Jan 2023
Is there an update of the Gazebo co-simulation blocks coming at some point compatible with Ignition Gazebo?
As I see, this connection is posible with gazebo 9 to 11, but not with the new gazebo sim which will get new development.

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Gaurav Bhosale
Gaurav Bhosale on 24 Jan 2023
Hi Diego,
Currently, we are supporting only classical Gazebo version from 9 to 11. We are not supoorting Ignition Gazebo releases but we are actively working on providing Co-Simulation support with Ignition Gazebo releases.
We want to know more about Ignition Gazebo use-case. Can you please mention, why you want to switch to Ignition Gazebo from classical Gazebo support ? What are the limiations you found with classical Gazebo?
With Regards,
Gaurav Bhosale
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Diego on 24 Jan 2023
Hi Gaurav,
The only limitation is that we would like our project to have continuity, and Gazebo classic has support until 2025. There will be new interesting features in ROS humble as well as new sensors and options in SDFormat 1.8 and upcoming versions.
I'm actually starting this project in Ignition even when I worked with gazebo in the past, so there's no switch from one to the other, but if I start in classic I know it will be tricky changing it to ignition.
Kind regards,
Diego Cubillo

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