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How to save images when it requires the following when showing it through figures: imshow(I, [ ])

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Paulo on 24 Oct 2011
When processing the image, it is needed to include the square brackets in IMSHOW() command, for example: figure(1); imshow(A,[ ])
When not including the square brackets: figure(2); imshow(A) the image seems incomplete.
I need to save the image that is seen also on the 1st figure. However, i don't know how. using imwrite(A,filename,'jpg'); shows a similar image when using imshow(A)
here is a snippet of my code:
irisImage = imread('C:\test.bmp'); irisImageGrayScale = rgb2gray(irisImage);
irisImageGrayScale = double(irisImageGrayScale);
irisImageGrayScale(irisImageGrayScale>170) = nan;
irisImageGrayScale2 = inpaint_nans(irisImageGrayScale);

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