Passing value of a variable From GUI button to Simulink model while running the simulation

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HITESH TRIVEDI on 24 Feb 2011
Sir/ Ma'am
I want to create a GUI in matlab which can send on/ off status to a simulink model. The model will take this passed on/off value as a input to one of the block. Actually, its like i dont want to use manual switch in model instead i want same function using GUI button callback.
Can anyone provide any help on this topic? Its urgent.

Accepted Answer

MarkB on 24 Feb 2011
You should be able to use the "set_param" command to programmatically modify properties of blocks from MATLAB. This includes things like the states of switches and gain values. In particular, you might need to replace some of your root-level inports with constant blocks, and then have the GUI set the numerical value of those constants.

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 24 Feb 2011
%pushbutton 1 callback
%pushbutton 2 callback
%get the status of the system
get_param(gcs, 'SimulationStatus')
I recommend to replace gcs with your system name ('mysystem')
More info can be found in your matlab documentation

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