outputting bus using 'To Workspace' block

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Amardeep on 25 Oct 2011
Answered: Clark Williams on 11 Mar 2016
Hi everyone; I am attempting to output a bus to the workspace as a variable but am having issues. I am getting the error:
Simulink cannot determine unified dimensions dor the multiplexed signal at output port 13 of 'Block/block' because one or more of the input signals is a matrix type. Specifically, Simulink unify ( [2x2], [2x2],[2x2], [2x2],[2x2], [2x2], 2). Consequently , Simulink cannot propagate dimension information from output port 13 of 'Block/block' to input port 1 of 'Block/To Workspace4'
I cannot find references to this error message on matlab central and nothing helpful on google within the first half a dozen pages. Is there any fix you might recommend.

Accepted Answer

TAB on 25 Oct 2011
Simulink does not alloew a matrix signal to be feed as input to bus. One of your input comming to the bus is matrix.
You can use 'Reshape' block to conver matrix signal to a 1-D array, Column vector or Row vector. Then feed it to bus input.
Simulink Library > Math Operations > Reshape

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Clark Williams
Clark Williams on 11 Mar 2016
Recent versions of MATLAB do allow matrix signals in bus, but to connect them to a To Workspace or top-level Out Port you will have to make them "non-virtual" which means you need to create a Bus Definition Structure for them. Doing so will resolve the "Simulink cannot determine unified dimensions for the multiplexed signal" error message

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