Error configuring Nertwork Interface Card (NIC) Deep Learning HDL Toolbox Support Package For Intel FPGA And SoC Devices

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I'm trying to configure a NIC (Network Interface Card) for Deep Learning HDL Toolbox Support Package For Intel FPGA And SoC Devices but I get the following error message using Hardware Setup wizard:
Error using matlab.hwmgr.internal.hwsetup.appdesigner/DropDown/setValue
Too many input arguments.
Error in matlab.hwmgr.internal.hwsetup.appdesigner.DropDown/dropdownCallbackHandler (line 49)
Error in matlab.hwmgr.internal.hwsetup.appdesigner.DropDown>@(varargin)obj.dropdownCallbackHandler(varargin{:}) (line 45)
obj.Peer.ValueChangedFcn = @obj.dropdownCallbackHandler;
Error using matlab.ui.control.internal.controller.ComponentController/executeUserCallback (line 470)
Error while evaluating DropDown PrivateValueChangedFcn.
Runnign Matlab as root is suggested by User's Guide, but I get Matlab crashed when I do it and I'm trying to configure with my user. I don't know if this is the problem
Software version:
Deep Learning HDL Toolbox Support Package For Intel FPGA And SoC Devices 21.2.4
Matlab R2021b Update 6 (
Ubuntu 20.04

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Wang Chen
Wang Chen on 11 Apr 2023
Hi Ruben,
Alternatively, you could skip this step (check the check box "Skip this step if your network card is already configured") in the hardware setup wizard, and configure the network card by yourself in the Ubuntu.
You could configure the host ethernet card's IP address to be for example
And on Intel board, you could also configure the IP address of the Intel board by updating the /etc/network/interfaces file in the serial terminal.
Then the Linux should boot successfully, and you should be able to ping the Intel board from host machine. If the Linux does not boot successfully, you can try reburn the SD image.
Also to clarify, there are two way for Deep Learning HDL Toolbox to connect to Intel boards, JTAG or Ethernet. The SD image and network interface card configuration is only needed when using Ethernet interface.
If you are using JTAG interface connection, then you don't need to setup the Linux image and Network cards.
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Rubén on 12 Apr 2023
Hello @Wang Chen,
I was able to configure NIC manually and communicate with Intel board using Ethernet interface but it is still not clear why the Hardware Setup wizard is not working. Is there any mistake from my side or it is a known bug?

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