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How to write a Monte Carlo Simulation Code?

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Reza on 31 Mar 2015
Commented: Image Analyst on 21 Jan 2020
I want to start writing a code in Matlab in order to determine structural reliability of a bridge. The code is based on Monte Carlo Simulation. It would be very helpful if anyone helps me how to start with a * pattern of Monte Carlo Simulation * .

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Adam Wyatt
Adam Wyatt on 31 Mar 2015
Your question is ill-defined.
Monte-Carlo simulations simply mean perform your simulation with varying inputs such that the inputs are chosen randomly. Better MC simulations use prior information / simulations to pick the next iteration.
Here is an example - given an input, the method passes if it is greater than 0.5, fails if it is less than or equal to 0.5.
function out = Test(in)
out = (in>0.5);
And to test it:
MCSim = arrayfun(@(inputs) Test(inputs), rand(100,1));
Adam Wyatt
Adam Wyatt on 1 Apr 2015
Your question is far too vague - you're basically saying solve my problem, but haven't actually said what the problem is.
Lets assume that you have a set of variables (load, material etc.) and you want to test the performance of your system for different variable values. The first question that arises is what distribution are your variables, are the uniformly distributed or normally distributed say. Lets assume you have 2 variables, var1 is uniformly randomly distributed and var2 is normally distributed, and you want to perform N tests.
Lets say you want to run N tests, set up N vectors for your variable values:
N = 1000;
var1 = var1_min + (var1_max-var1_min)*rand(N, 1);
var2 = var2_mean + var2_std*randn(N, 1);
result = arrayfun(MyTestFunction, var1, var2);
% Where
function ScalarResult = MyTestFunction(Scalar_Var1, Scalar_Var2)
Hope this helps, but if you're not more specific then we cannot help you much more than that.
You could for example use the parallel toolbox with parfor to help speed up your testing:
N = 1000;
var1 = ...
var2 = ...
result = zeros(N, 1);
parfor n=1:N
result(n) = MyTestFun(var1(n), var2(n));

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 31 Mar 2015
For an example, attached is a Monte Carlo simulation of the Monty Hall problem that I wrote.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 21 Jan 2020
You just did.
But I have no idea what langmuir isotherm is, so I can't help you with that.

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 31 Mar 2015
Most simply:
What is the problem?
John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 17 Jan 2018
Sorry, but Answers is not a forum where we provide code written to your specs, and then sent to your e-mail address. In fact, I don't know of any sites that provide a free service like that.

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leichong lei
leichong lei on 10 Apr 2019
I want to use Monte Carlo method to write a program to simulate my system, perform systematic sequence sampling, and perform reliability evaluation.please help,send message to my e-mail (,thanks

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