Lsim not plotting anything

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I'm working on simulating a linear dynamical system with both and LQR and an h-infinity controller. With LQR I've gotten it to work and simulated the output, but with my h-infinity setup, when I run the system, there is no plotted output. The matrix dimensions are correct, and the A and C matrices are non-empty (Bcl and Dcl are zeros, but it should still be able to simulate the system).
%% Simulations with H Infinity Controller
sys = ss(Acl,Bcl,Ccl,Dcl);
sys.OutputName = 'θ';
t1 = 0:0.05:15;
x1 = [0 0.5 -0.5 0 0 0 0 0.5 -0.5 0 0 0];
w1 = zeros(length(t1),1);
title('Small Initial Conditions with Controller');
grid on;
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Nader Babar
Nader Babar on 7 May 2023
Comparing this to when I simulate the system with a different controller:
sys2 = ss(A-B*K1,[],C,0);
sys2.OutputName = 'θ';
t3 = 0:0.05:15;
x3 = [0 0.05 -0.05 0 0 0];
u3 = zeros(length(t3),1);
title('Small Initial Conditions with Controller');
grid on;

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Accepted Answer

Venkat Siddarth
Venkat Siddarth on 1 Jun 2023
In the script you have mentioned.I noticed that the variable w1 was passed to the lsim function, which was a zero matrix and therefore not modified. However, I suspect that there may be an error in the code where w was mistaken for w1 in the following line, which should be changing the variable's value.
Please refer to the following code snippet for an illustration:
w1 = zeros(length(t1),1); %%------------>Zero Matrix
lsim(sys,w1,t1,x1); %% -----------------> % w1 not modified
I hope this resolves the issue
Venkat Siddarth V.

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