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Clearing variables in function workspace effect on memory

Asked by Octavian on 6 Apr 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Stephen Cobeldick on 6 Apr 2015
Dear All,
I have a script calling a function, with several large matrices present in this function's workspace. I would need to know if clearing residual matrices in the function workspace after function output was generated, prior to return to the base workspace, would help with the overall memory usage (increase free available memory for the remainder of the script) or whether returning to the script/base workspace after function completion clears function variables automatically. Is there a command to reveal memory blocked by a certain subfunction/function after the function was run, whos does not do it. This may be relevant as using clear all with function variables in the function workspace may be time costly.
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1 Answer

Answer by James Tursa
on 6 Apr 2015
 Accepted Answer

Once a function returns, all "local" variables to that function are automatically cleared. You don't need to manually do it. See the "pack" and "memory" commands for more info: