How can I launch a specific version of MATLAB from Windows' command prompt with matlab command?

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I'm trying to execute MATLAB command from Windows 7's command prompt. So far I managed to get the result by the following command.
matlab -nosplash -nodesktop -minimize -r "rand(10)" -logfile C:¥TEMP¥logfile.txt
However, I noticed that this will invoke the latest MATLAB version I have installed (R2014b), while I want to run R2014a instead.
Looking at the help document on matlab (Windows) below, I can't find a way to specify the MATLAB version while using the matlab command. It seems that the matlab command for unix system does have that option.
Does this mean that I can't invoke R2014a from the commmand prompt while R2014b is also installed? Do I have to uninstall R2014b in order to call R2014a from the command prompt?

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Rajesh Gangireddy
Rajesh Gangireddy on 17 Jul 2019
I know this thread is super old.
Still i will answer for the ones who stumble here after searching.
I have mutliple versions of matlab ranging from 2013b to 2018, 2013b being default.
To run a command/m file with a particular matlab version, I tried
"C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2018b\bin\matlab.exe" -nosplash -nodesktop -minimize -r magic(5)
and it works.
You can run this durectly on cmd prompt or by creating a batch file.
Just replace magic(5) with your m file or command.
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Taylor Gardner
Taylor Gardner on 3 Oct 2022
I was getting an error using "C:\Program Files". Command line didn't like the space. So, I used the short path . . .
That worked for me.

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Kouichi Nakamura
Kouichi Nakamura on 6 Apr 2015
Maybe one way to avoid invoking MATLAB R2014b is to temporally remove it from the System Environment Variables? SET PATH command's result contains the following path. I can edit it from Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Environment Variables... > System Environment Variables > Path > Edit...
C:Program Files\MATLAB\R2014b\runtime\win64


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