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Hello everyone,
My question deals with a distribution graphs that I have in jpeg format for the likely hood that an event will occur. I would like to get these graphs into matlab so that I can use them as a reference file for the prediction of the event in realtime will this be possible or will I need the database that was used to make the distribution graphs? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Oct 2011
If you can get the original data that made up the distribution plots, that would be so much easier than trying to digitize and measure plots on paper. Even if they are digital images of plots, that's still hard, though there are File Exchange submissions that try to make it easier.

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James Laney
James Laney on 28 Oct 2011
Thank you, I figured that the database would be easier I will need to contact my friend to see if he still has the data.

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