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Error parfor worker aborted

Asked by Octavian on 7 Apr 2015
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on 7 Feb 2019
Dear All,
I have a parfor loop with n iterations (n between 20 and 200), and using input matrices depending n^2 on the size of n. I use matlab R2013b and run the parfor on 12 workers on my laptop, no other computers involved. With higher n (~n>100), I invariably get this error
"Warning: A worker aborted during execution of the parfor loop. The parfor loop will now run again on the remaining workers... The client lost connection to lab 12. This might be due to network problems, or the interactive communicating job might have errored."
I am not sure of the correlation between size of n and the error, as the processing time through the loop also increases with n, but ... here I am. Is this a known issue, and how to work around it? Decrease the no of workers? Thank you, as always,


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Not sure, where I would find such files? I am ready to run the routine again to get the error and those files if necessary. Thank you, please advise,
This answer describes where the files should be located - there may well already be some there.
we got the same issue again and again when using parfor reading many hdf files. It turns out we had one hdf file corrupted and "try catch" could not avoid the issue.

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