Error opening Matlab app from Simulink mask with call back function

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I'm trying to open a matlab app from simulink mask via a call back function with the comand and although the application opens up the error above presents it self

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Raghav on 31 May 2023
Based on your question, You are facing issue while calling MATLAB app from Simulink mask.
The error is occurring because the open() function requires a character vector or string scalar as its argument, and it seems like the argument 'tutorialApp' is not a valid character vector or string.
To resolve this issue, you need to make sure that 'tutorialApp' is a valid character vector or string scalar. You can convert it to a character vector using the char() function or define it as a string scalar using single quotes.
For example:
open('tutorialApp'); % Using character vector
open("tutorialApp"); % Using string scalar
If you need further assistance, please provide the relevant code or more information about your Simulink model and the callback function you are using.
Hope it helps,
Raghav Bansal




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