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Daniel Zakzewski
Daniel Zakzewski on 24 May 2023
Answered: Raymond Yeung on 31 May 2023
When I use the MATLAB "Project" tool to organize projects it takes far longer than expected for simple file management tasks. For instance, any modification to file locations results in a >15 minute long "Moving File" progress bar. During this period I get project status pinwheels labeled "Determining if files are stored in the CM system", "Adding files", "Getting status for files", and "Moving file". The "Getting status for files" has the longest duration.
In the end it moves the files as desired, but this seem extremely excessive for simple moving of files. Any suggestions?

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Raymond Yeung
Raymond Yeung on 31 May 2023
Do you have many files in your project root folder? That could be the issue.
I initially had the same issues you are describing. Performing simple tasks such as moving, deleting, or renaming files took 5 - 15 min. For my project, I initially had log/output folders (not in project, untracked) buried in the project root folder. The output folders contained around 15000 output files. Deleting the output files or saving the output files outside of the project root folder resolved the issue for me; it takes only ~5 s for simple tasks. It seems like it doesn't matter whether the files are added to the project / tracked.


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