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Possible Bug in Copying Figures

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Quizmaster on 12 Apr 2015
Commented: seager1989 on 10 May 2020
In R2015a, is there a bug in copying and pasting figures in word, such that you need to crop out white space on the bottom and east sides of the plot that is being copied? It's not a big issue, but it's a bit of a pain to have to crop out that white space, especially when you have to do this for multiple figures.

Accepted Answer

Philip Caplan
Philip Caplan on 14 Apr 2015
There are some known issues when copying figures as EMF-files through the clipboard to Microsoft Word (mostly with Windows 8, high DPI machines). Which operating system are you using? The only workaround we can offer right now is to save the file to a different, quality-preserving, format. Our development team is aware of the issue and it seems like it will be resolved in a future release.
Jie on 14 Aug 2018
Did Matlab have update on this issue?

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Abe Clark
Abe Clark on 11 Dec 2018
Still not fixed. Windows 10 on a 4K display.

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