Does the current Symbolic Math Toolbox still use the MuPAD as its underlying implementation?

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Hello everyone!
In the latest version of the Matlab, the following commands still work:
clear all;
I mean, it uses the same sytax as the MuPAD instead of the syms(‘a’) in the Matlab.
In the past, the Symbolic Math Toolbox used the Maple kernel and then changed to the MuPAD. A few years ago, MuPAD windows was removed from the standard console. What about now? Is the current symbolic mathematics toolbox a new engine developed by Mathworks itself, or is it just an interface with the underlying MuPAD?
So could anybody tell me whether the current computer algebra in the Matlab still use the MuPAD as its underlying implementation?
Thank you in advance!

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 26 May 2023
What was removed was the MuPAD Notebook interface, not the symbolic computation engine.
Is there a specific reason you are interested in details about the underlying infrastructure? The API to perform symbolic calculations remains. Or is this more a question of curiosity?

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