What are the units of data (specifically dose) to be input in sbionca

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The dose dependent outputs of sbionca - 'C_max_Dose' and 'AUC_infinity_dose' should be equal to C_max/Dose and AUC_infinity/Dose.
eg: If C_max = 10300000 ng/ml and Dose = 400000000 ng/kg
then C_max_Dose = C_max/Dose should be 0.0257 (ng/ml)/(ng/kg)
But, the output of sbionca for C_max_Dose is 25.75 (1000 times higher).
Please let me know if there is any mistake I am making while inputting the data or anything else.

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Ricardo Paxson
Ricardo Paxson on 31 May 2023
This is not your mistake but rather ours. There is a bug with unit conversion in NCA.
C_max_Dose is (silently) being reported in g/mL rather than kg/ml. This affects AUC_infinity_dose as well.
We will fix this asap.


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