I need to graph a .mat file

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Dodai Xenteltab
Dodai Xenteltab on 31 May 2023
Answered: Diwakar Diwakar on 31 May 2023
I need to open and plot a .mat file.
I'm trying this:
x = load('female_1.mat');
figure; plot(x.data);
but an error hapen
Reference to non-existent field 'data'.
Any help?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 May 2023
Please show the output of
whos -file female_1.mat

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Answers (1)

Diwakar Diwakar
Diwakar Diwakar on 31 May 2023
The error you encountered suggests that the variable data does not exist in the loaded .mat file. The structure of the .mat file may be different from what you expected. To address this issue, you can examine the contents of the .mat file to determine the correct variable name to use.
Here's an example of how you can inspect the contents of the .mat file and find the appropriate variable name:
x = load('female_1.mat');
whos('-file', 'female_1.mat')


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