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Can I use Matlab Package Manager (MPM) to install MATLAB on an offline machine?

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Can I use MPM to install MATLAB and its toolboxes on an offline machine? If so, what's different in the ./mpm command?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 30 May 2024 at 0:00
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 30 May 2024 at 17:52
The MATLAB Package Manager (MPM) can be used to install MATLAB utilizing offline files. Instead of using --release in the command to select a release, you would use --source and point to either a set of downloaded product files, or a mounted ISO (or the contents of an ISO copied into a folder). The following is an example of what a valid MPM command would look like:
./mpm install --destination=/usr/local/MATLAB --source=~/Downloads/MathWorks/R2023a/OfflineFiles --products MATLAB Simulink Parallel_Computing_Toolbox


Before proceeding, please make sure that the release you want to install is supported and supports the offline installation files you intend to use. You can find relevant information below.
  • R2021b and newer: ISO or download-only files
  • R2018b-R2021a: Download-only files
  • R2017b and R2018a: Offline installation is not supported


For more information on how to obtain offline files for MATLAB, please refer to the following articles:
How can I get MATLAB installation files for use on an offline machine?


More general information on MATLAB Package Manager can be found from its GitHub page below.
MATLAB Package Manager


MATLAB Package Manager does not currently support installing support packages offline. If you'd like to install support packages offline, please use the standard offline workflow:
How do I download and install a support package on an offline machine?
cui,xingxing on 28 Sep 2023
Edited: cui,xingxing on 28 Sep 2023
Nice that there is win and mac support.@Jestzer
But the first sentence of the official answer below says that mpm is only for linux.
MATLAB Package Manager (MPM) is a Linux-only command line package manager for MathWorks products
Jestzer on 28 Sep 2023
My guess is that they aren’t finished. R2023B doesn’t work on Windows right now, but the other releases seem to install.

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