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Greetings all; I am running simulink from a Matlab script using the sim command and have inputs all as constants from the base workspace and am trying to output to the current workspace. However when I try to use the outputs I get the error that the output is an undefined function or variable (the inputs are being pulled in correctly).
I am calling the sim thusly:
myopts = simset ('ReturnWorkspaceOutputs','on','DstWorkspace','current'); sim('model',[],myopts);
My outputs are done as 'To Workspace' blocks. I have tried pre-defining the outputs but they dont then get written over with data after the model runs. I have left the time option empty as its a single run and thats all defined in the configuration parameters.

Accepted Answer

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 31 Oct 2011
Your 'script' must have been a M-function, instead of a M-script. Setting 'DstWorkspace' to be 'current' means sending the output to the current workspace. You need to set it as 'base'.

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