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Using Dino-Lite Microscopes with MATLAB

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Sid on 14 Apr 2015
Edited: Long Wang on 27 Jan 2016
Hi everyone,
The question pertains to the use of a Dino-Lite microscope (Model I'm using: AM7013MZT) via the Image Acquisition Toolbox. The microscope is working perfectly fine while being used with the standard imaqtool options.
My question relates to the ring lights that are on the microscope itself. Has anyone figured how to switch them off when needed?
I've tried imaqtool to see if there are any options available (or the videoinput inspector), but unfortunately cannot seem to find any options.
Has the same problem/figured out a way around this? Any help on the matter would be most appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Sid on 15 Apr 2015
Actually, in case it matters to anyone, I think I have it figured out.
The key is to download the LED control package from Dino-Lite (You can find it here.) The PDF that is attached as part of the package should direct you through some of the commands.
The general guidelines are as follows:
  1. Simply locate the DN_DS_Ctrl.exe file (most likely located at a location like C:\Program Files (x86)\Dino-Lite DOS Control.)
  2. Copy the file to your current work directory (or add the path to the location where the file is located.)
  3. At this point, you are pretty much good to go with things. You can look at the How to use Dino-Lite DOS Control Commands PDF to locate the specific commands.
  4. You can learn about how to run DOS commands via MATLAB from the documentation here.
For my particular application, I ended up simply creating a checkbox object for the GUI that I was using. The general concept of the operation is as follows:
checkBoxVal = get(hObject,'Value'); % Get the checkbox value (1 or 0)
if checkBoxVal % If checked 'on', let's turn on the LEDs
dos('DN_DS_Ctrl.exe LED on')
else % If checked 'off', let's turn off the LEDs
dos('DN_DS_Ctrl.exe LED off')
That's what I have for now, and hope this helps someone! Please let me know if you have any questions!
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Long Wang
Long Wang on 27 Jan 2016
Hi Sid,
Very excited to see you got this!
Just a quick question, did you install anything outside the default DinoCapture 2.0?
I could not see it under imaqtool.
I have tried both windows 10 and 7.

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