encryption of password

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ankur on 5 Nov 2011
Answered: SAKSHI KUMARI on 14 Jan 2021
I want to use a password to open a folder.I am able to do that by matlab programming,but my password is shown while writing.How can i encrypt my password by '*****' while writing itself..??

Accepted Answer

Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 5 Nov 2011
Don't do this. Displaying a series of *'s to mask the password is not encryption. MATLAB is still saving the password in an unencrypted state despite what is shown on the screen. All the *'s are doing is hiding a security flaw.

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Jan on 5 Nov 2011
The FileExchange is a good start point, when you look for solutions of standard problems.

SAKSHI KUMARI on 14 Jan 2021


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