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mcc freezes during compilation

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Daniel on 7 Nov 2011
I'm compiling a "hello world"-like function just to test the compiling functionalities of my sistem (which used to work fine):
mcc -m hello.m
For some reason, the system starts the compilation and then will not react any more. I'm rather puzzled with this behaviour, as I have no idea why the mcc suddenly stopped to work... Any ideas where I should start looking at?
Thanks, Daniel
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Nov 2011
Unfortunately TCP was defined to theoretically have no timeout after the point that it got the initial ACK back from the remote system.
TCP was designed to be resilient in the face of network problems, in the sense of being prepared to wait all year for the conversation to resume. TCP was not designed to be able to tell "within a reasonable time" that there was a network problem and to advise the application of that.

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