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changing color while using 'hist' in a bar-plot

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Hi there
When using the 'hist' option while plotting a bar figure, I can't seem to figure out how to change the facecolor and the edgecolor of the bars. Specifically I would like both to be red. This is easily changed using bar(data), but using bar(data,'hist'), those options seem unavailable. Using the example from
y = [75.995 91.972 105.711 123.203 131.669 ...
150.697 179.323 203.212 226.505 249.633 281.422];
bar(y,'facecolor','r','EdgeColor','r'); ---> WORKS
bar(y,'hist','facecolor','r','EdgeColor','r'); ---> DOES NOT WORK.
I guess the problem is that I have to write the correct property-value pair for 'hist' when using other property-value pairs simultaneously, but I can't figure out which property 'hist' is part of.
Thanks in advance!


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Accepted Answer

Sam Roberts
Sam Roberts on 7 Nov 2011
h = bar(y,'hist');
If you take a look at the doc page for bar, you'll see that with the 'hist' option you can't pass in additional parameter/value pairs. In addition, while the main form of bar returns a barseries object, with the 'hist' option it returns patches. You can grab a handle to the patches and set the colors yourself as above.


Jakob Sievers
Jakob Sievers on 7 Nov 2011
Thank you for this advice. It worked beautifully.
Cesar Toledo
Cesar Toledo on 8 Mar 2013
How is this done? How can I grab the handle of the patches?

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