How do I reorder the creation order of components in an app built by App Designer?

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I have an app with 2 panel components, 'Panel_1' and 'Panel_2' created in order. Each of 'Panel_1' and 'Panel_2' has two TextArea components.

The creation order is shown in Component Browser, which is 'Panel_1' -> 'Panel_2'.

How do I reorder the creation order of the components?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 22 Feb 2024
How to Reorder Components
Components in App Designer can be reordered with the following methods:
1. Refer to the Component Browser on the right-hand side to drag and drop the components to create your preferred order. The component listed at the top is at the front and the component listed at the bottom is at the back.
2. Select the component you want to reorder in the Design View and then use the Reorder button in the toolbar under the Canvas tab. Please see the following documentation for more information on using the Reorder button:
3. Reorder programmatically by using the MATLAB function "uistack". Please see the documentation below for more information on how to use this function: 
Reordering Limitations
There are some limitations to reordering components which are listed below.
  • Some components can only be reordered among themselves: (For example, a UI Axes can only be reordered with other UI Axes)
    • Menu
    • Context Menu
    • Axes
    • Toolbar
  • Labeled components and groups cannot be reordered but the individual components within a labeled component or group can be reordered
  • Menu components will always be the front most component, followed by toolbars
  • Axes will always be in the very back
All other components can be reordered amongst themselves.

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