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3D real time ball position detection using simulink

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fati on 12 Nov 2011
I have a project this semester which about detection of a ping pong ball using two webcam and simulink.I can detect ball with one camera using (blob analysis-centroid) but I dont know how I combine with 2nd camera also I dont know how I will obtain the position of the ball on screen,so please help me

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Doug Hull
Doug Hull on 14 Nov 2011
This is the rough outline of what I would do:
  • Face one camera to North.
  • Face one Camera to East.
  • Locate the ball with each camera independently. (You said you can do that)
These two give you enough information to locate the ball in three-dimensions.

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fati on 15 Nov 2011
Thank you for your answer,but I still couldn't find the coordinates. Which simulink block I should use to obtain coordinates?

Claude Rico
Claude Rico on 17 Nov 2011
I am a final year student and hope to graduate if i finish my thesis project... can anyone help me how to make a real time face recognition with a displayed information in an extracted face... thanks and God bless!

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