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Impulse Response Measurer App - Audio Device List refresh doesn't work.

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When connecting a full duplex audio device (e.g. via USB) after starting Matlab & IR-Meas App, the refresh button doesn't. Thus, it's necessary to close/reopen the App. Most often, it's even necessary to re-start Matlab itself, since by checking available audio devices by cmd audiodevinfo later connected devices won't be found. Is there any way for initializing them without re-starting Matlab?
Cheers, Cornelia
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Cornelia Falch
Cornelia Falch on 6 May 2024
Many thanks for your advices... audiodevreset has been working out fine so far. However, the refresh button within Impulse Response Measurer App still works sometimes, but some other time it shows no effect. I keep on trying finding out the issue....

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Accepted Answer

Sarthak on 30 Apr 2024
Hello Cornelia,
I think you can use the 'audiodevreset' function. It refreshes the list of available audio devices. Please also verify that your audio device is indeed working using the 'audiodevinfo' function. Please find the documentation to these functions below:
However since the refresh button is not working, the only possible issues here could be either that the audio device is incompatible or not working properly or there might be some issues with your MATLAB or Audio Toolbox installation. If the above mentioned function doesn't resolve your issue, I would suggest you to reinstall MATLAB and the Audio Toolbox and try again.
In case the issue persists, reaching out to MathWorks Technical Support from the link below might be the best idea.

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