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Issue with working with Generate CU-plane Messages for ORAN Fronthaul Test

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I am working with the following example,, but here at the step of %winopen(cufilename) % Uncomment to open the file in Wireshark on Windows, I am unable to open the pcap generated file in the wireshark or windows, I need help here.

Accepted Answer

Manikanta Aditya
Manikanta Aditya on 27 May 2024 at 7:32
For opening the generating the 'pcap' file in Wireshark you have to download the Wireshark software, using 'winopen' command will give you options to open the pcap file with different options.
But apart from Wireshark if you open the pcap file it will in unsupported format which might not help you to analyse the pcap file.
%winopen(cufilename) % Uncomment to open the file in Wireshark on Windows
If you have the downloaded Wireshark, then it will redirect you to Wireshark and opens the pcap file when you use the 'winopen' command.
You can download Wireshark from here:
  • Another option here is you can right click on the generated pcap file in workspace and select 'Open outside MATLAB' option and can access the pcap file in Wireshark or other options.
I hope this will help you to open the pcap file in Wireshark and analyse the network traffic data.

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