Segmentation of single or multiple touching handwritten numeral string using background and foreground analisis

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Beby on 24 Nov 2011
I'm working on the final task, and I had difficulty to separate single or multiple handwriten Touching numeral string using background and foreground, I had reached the thinning stage, please help to guide segmentation in matlab work, thanks

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Nov 2011
If they're not separated after thinning then they were also connected in your binary image. So you'll have to do some better filtering or thresholding. For example, these author's method looks pretty good:

Beby on 24 Nov 2011
filtering or thresholding was I doing, what I need is a way intersection or perform segmentation on the number of mutual connection....please help me..... i dont know what i must do...

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