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How to Parallel Boost converter to suply dc load

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Yudha Megantara
Yudha Megantara on 5 Jun 2015
Answered: Mahmoud Saleh on 4 Aug 2017
Hello, I'm Yudha Megantara from jember university, Indonesian
i want to ask about parallel boost converter in dc load using simulink matlab
i'm already make system including ( 1 dc ideal source [ 60 V ] , boost converter [with PI control], and DC load [60 ohm] and it's working and true, but if i want parallel system with 2 ideal source 2 boost and suply 1 dc load, after i search problem , i identify that pi control output in system always being same ( example : 0.4 ) and it must be different one and the other, how about it, i don't know about it because if i make it to single system it works.
thank you for your answer
Yudha Megantara

Answers (1)

Mahmoud Saleh
Mahmoud Saleh on 4 Aug 2017
If the PIs are meant to fix the voltage across the 60 ohms resistance. Then, this is a droop control where the load is being shared between the two ideal sources according to their capacity, you will need to adjust your PI control to adopt the droop control.
On the other hand, you can have one PI regulating the voltage across the resistance and the other PI is in current control mode. However, if (I*R) from the current controlled boost converter exceeded the voltage reference of the voltage controlled converter, the voltage will increase beyond the desired value. In this case using a voltage controlled bidirectional converter instead of the voltage controlled boost converter might be a reasonable solution, a model for voltage controlled bidirectional can be found here:


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