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How can I set up a CQG connection using the Trading Toolbox with 64-bit version of MATLAB?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 11 Jun 2015
CQG connection can be established using the Trading Toolbox on 64-bit MATLAB. 
In order to achieve this, please execute the steps mentioned below:  
Step A) Isolation of CQGCEL-4_0.dll to run in 64 bit environment (on 64 bit Windows ): 
   1. On the Taskbar click Start, point to Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Component Services. 
   2. Open the Computers folder, open My Computer, and then select the COM+ Applications folder. 
   3. Right-click the COM+ Applications folder, click New, and then click Application. This creates a new Application. 
   4. Click Next. 
   5. Click Create Empty Application. 
   6. Assign a Name to the application. For CQGCEL-4_0.dll application name should be "CQGCEL-4_0dll" (Note: the Name is just a label so no period for extension is needed). 
   7. Select Server Application. 
   8. Click Next. 
   9. Set the Security Context required by the DLL by: 
          Select Interactive (Logged on) user. 
  10. Click Next. 
  11. Click Next. (Nothing to do in this step) 
  12. Click Next. (Nothing to do in this step) 
  13. Click Finish. 
  14. To add the CQGCEL DLL to the created COM+ Application, double click to open the created COM+ Application and right-click on the Components folder that is inside it. 
  15. Click New -> Component. 
  16. Click Next. 
  17. Select Install new component(s). 
  18. Browse to the CQGI installation folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\CQG\CQGNet\Bin". 
  19. Select the CQGCEL-4_0.dll to isolate. 
  20. Click Next. 
  21. Click Finish. 
Step B) After completing Step (A) right-click on "CQGCEL-4_0dll" in "Administrative Tools/Component Services/Computers/My Computer/COM+ Application" and select "Run". 
This will run a new dllhost*32 service (check it by Task Manager) which allows to access CQGCEL COM object from x64 OS.

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