DC motor with PID

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SilverSurfer on 11 Jun 2015
Answered: Dilawar Khan on 26 Nov 2017
I'm trying to model a dc motor for an hev vehicle. My aim is to let the motor produce a target torque. I get the reference current with I=T/K then I compare this value to the current generated by the motor and I regulate armaturevoltage with a PID.
1) I get very high voltage values. It seems to me they are too high. Don't know if they are realistic.
2) I'd like to connect the motor to a simplified battery model. I don't have idea how to do it. Should I regulate the motor voltage so that it is equal to battery one?
I don't want to use Simscape.

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Drew Davis
Drew Davis on 12 Jun 2015
1. When you say you get very high voltage values, do you mean the output of the controller outputs very high voltages? If this is the case, it is likely that your gains for the PID controller are poorly designed.
See this page for information on how you can automatically tune PID gains in Simulink.
2. If your torque is proportional to current, you then would want your control loop to track some reference current with your input to the circuit a voltage or pwm signal.
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SilverSurfer on 15 Jun 2015
  1. Yes, I get 8000 - 9000 V. I used automatic tuning. Before I used Ziegler–Nichols method but required too much time.
  2. Didn't understand. I'm using a closed loop system to follow the reference current, which is proportional to current. Because of high values of voltage I don't know if there is something wrong in the modelization or if I need to use something like a buck DC/DC converter.
I know that a DC motor it is not used for that purpose (traction fro automotive)but I'm using since it should be a semplification for my model (I'm doing it for an exam).

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Dilawar Khan
Dilawar Khan on 26 Nov 2017
Assalam-u-alaikum every one .I want to make a simulink project to control DC motor using PID controller, i am new in this field kindly some one guide me how can i precede step by step,Thank you .


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