Adding subscripts to legends or axis in Mupad plots

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Dear all,
I am trying to plot two functions in Mupad. I call them (in Latex notation) p_{1}(z) and p_{2}(z). Each function in the plot will appear in my legend. However, I don't seem to be able to make Mupad write the subscripts 1 and 2. Instead, I get p1(z), p2(z). Is there a way to effectively display subscripts/superscripts in legends and/or axis in plot made with Mupad?

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Mukul Rao
Mukul Rao on 23 Jun 2015
In my opinion, this is not possible. The legend function expects arguments of type DOM_STRING. DOM_STRING does not appear to support latex conversion, there is no mention of it in the documentation. There are a few special sequences that DOM_STRING supports and can be found in the section "Element Creation" , at the following link:

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